Convenience Foods Conveyors

Convenience food processing can be a delicate process, from processing crisps and chocolates to the processing of sandwiches, ready meals and easy to cook foods. Ensuring the food is processed efficiently while maintaining hygiene and the aesthetically pleasing look of the food is vital. Within the convenience food industry we understand that there are unique and sometimes complicated processes that need to be completed in order to bring your product to market, therefore through many years of experience we are able to provide bespoke, tailor made conveyor systems and solutions to meet your processing requirements.

Our bespoke conveyor solutions are made at our UK and Ireland sites from 304 grade stainless steel and tested thoroughly before leaving our facility. For us, hygiene is key and we have taken important steps to ensure the reduction of cross contamination within your processing line. Our systems are made with reduced flat surfaces, reduced surface to surface contact and the option to add some additional washing features. We have extensive experience in the following conveyors;

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