Crate Re-Stacker Conveyor

Our stainless steel crate re-stacker conveyor is designed to re-stack crates from one single line into stacked lines and is capable of holding a full pallet of crates. This de-stacker can be designed with an infeed belt or paternoster and can be either a standalone system or can be built into a larger processing line.

This conveyor system can be tailored to suit your processing needs in terms of crate handling size and processing speed. Our conveyors are manufactured at our state of the art sites in the UK and Ireland and are tested thoroughly before leaving our facility to ensure efficiency and quality.

Crate Re-Stacker Conveyor from ENE Conveyors | UK & Ireland

Key features of our conveyor systems:

  • Designed in house by our design engineering team for a complete tailor-made solution
  • Made from 304 grade stainless steel ensuring hygiene and durability
  • Designed with hygiene in mind for easy cleaning and to reduce the chance of cross contamination

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Here in Kerry Foods Portadown we have a long relationship with ENE, from concept, design through to manufacture and install...

Ian Watson

Engineering Manager, Kerry Foods, Belfast
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